We have learned in order to understand real estate on Isla Mujeres, one need be immersed in the process. Many of the U.S., Canadian, and other real estate principles do not apply in Mexico. One can only develop a comprehensive understanding of Isla Mujeres real estate by being involved in all aspects of Isla Mujeres real estate. We ascertained that being real estate professionals in the U.S., as well as, purchasing various properties and building in Mexico was not enough to make us experts on real estate in Mexico. We have achieved integrity through working in the industry on Isla and experiencing a broad range of transactions over the years. Combining that with our proficient education and personal experiences, we have created a solid real estate foundation here on Isla Mujeres.

While still being the broker and owner of a real estate brokerage in Ohio, we relocated our family to Isla Mujeres. Our decision to live outside the box has been a rewarding experience for the entire family. Dean has focused on sales and development. Cindy's knowledge of the rental inventory on Isla Mujeres allows one to make an informed choice for a vacation property. We discovered that the purchasing and renting process can be easier and stress free when given the correct information and proper guidance. With our professional dedication, we have the knowledge and experience to guide one to a successful outcome.

Dean and Cindy Smith: Looking out for your best interests.

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